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Kayak Fishing in Costa Rica

Recently I went to Costa Rica with my family on a vacation. My dad, being an avid kayak fisher found a local company in Jaco that does guided kayak fishing trips. After visiting their facility and talking with the guide we decided to book a trip for the next morning. We were told that catching fish was not guaranteed because fishing in that area was tough, I’m glad that was not the case!

The scenery was AMAZING. As we paddled away from the shore we followed a cliff face that contained a cave and water pools. We fished along the cliff and followed it to a beach about a mile away. My dad caught the first fish of the day here, it was a 14′ grouper. I caught some sort of needled nose fish (see picture above). When we arrived at the beach we took a break, chatted, and ate some fresh pineapple prepared by our guide.

At the end of the day we hooked a total of 7 fish, landed 6, and kept 4. It’s not like fishing in louisiana but it sure was a lot of fun and I would do it again! This was my first time paddling outside the country and it was amazing. If you ever get the chance to spend sometime kayaking there I highly recommend it.

Our guide Leo was great! Very helpful and experienced, he knew what he was doing and he was always looking out for our safety.

The name of the guide services was Kayak Jaco, if your ever in the area I Highly recommend them. You can check their website at www.KayakJaco.com.

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