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Getting started with kayak fishing

If your looking to get started kayak fishing you’ve this is the right page for you. Tips, checklist, links and more! I hope to make this the go to resource for people not sure what they need to get started. I will update this page periodically with links, images, and other tips.

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The Check List

Naturally a checklist comes to mind so here it is! You are going to need:

  • A Kayak and Kayak Paddle-  obvious, but don’t grab your kayak and forget the paddle, I do this more often than I will admit!
  • At least 2 Fishing poles and Fishing Tackle- It’s nice to have another pole ready incase you lose your rigged tackle on a snag or big fish. Pre-tying rigs with snap on swivels will save you alot of hastle when exchanging tackle on your poles. Less time tying means more time FISHING!
  • A Life Jacket- Safety first, you never know what can happen out there and it is very easy to tip over in a kayak. It’s better to be prepared.
  • Anchor- There may be times when the fish bite is good and the current or wind keeps pulling you away, so it’s always good to have an anchor on board just in case.
  • Ruler- No fish is worth the fines that your local wildlife officials will give you for an undersized fish. Make sure you have one of these onboard if you plan on bringing any fish home with you.
  • Small Net- Most of the time grabbing your fish out of the water isn’t so tricky, but for those species of fish that are escape artists, you’ll want to have this aboard.
  • A Lunch- If you plan on going out for more than a couple hours bring a snack! paddling can really make you hungry. Always pack water, paddling in the sun will cause dehydration.

If you wan’t to help add to this list feel free to comment below and I will add it. You can suggest any links, tips, articles, or youtube videos, all are welcome!

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