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Best Fishing Kayak Reviews – Let me help you find a top rated yak

Searching for the best fishing kayaks of 2016 and 2017? KayakRacing.co.za has you sorted for all your kayak angling needs.

Fishing Kayak Reviews

When reading fishing kayak reviews online, one must be very careful. I might not fish the same bodies of water as you, and I might also not be fishing for the same species as you. These are two of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing between saltwater fishing kayaks and freshwater fishing kayaks.

best-rated-fishing-kayak 2016
Fishing from a kayak is fun!

I remember when I first started out with kayak fishing, I had no idea what gear I needed. I had my grandad’s old wooden kayak, and a fishing pole, and guess what, I managed to catch a few pike on that first day out fishing with a yak.

Finding a top rated fishing kayak

Nowadays there are so many gadgets and goodies, that you could easily spend a couple thousands dollars on gear before even hitting the water.

There are many good fishing kayaks on the market, and these will work well for most out there. But if you are a serious angler that want to take on the ocean, your fishing kayak must be the best available to ensure your safety against those big swells.

My recommendation is to check out WaterSportsHQ.com. They feature great articles on all things related to water sports, and their choice as the best fishing kayak of 2017 is also my number 1 choice.

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